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Mirage Auto Craft

Collision Repair Center is Concord Premier Full Service

Auto Body Repair Center. Family owned and operated it has been serving the community and its surrounding areas since 1995.

Mirage Auto Craft Collision Repair Center is equipped to handle all types of vehicles foreign and domestic, we work hand to hand with most of the Insurance Companies and hope do to the same with you.

Customer service is and always has been a priority as well as producing high quality repairs. We believe that high quality, repairs are performed by highly trained technicians that's why we continue educating ourselves and the staff  with programs such as I-Car - ASE and various training seminars and classes. Using the latest technology is important to us investing in our collision repair center has been an ongoing venture, we continue to update and improve our equipment. When your car foreign or domestic needs Auto Collision Repairs Services take it to "Mirage Auto Craft" Auto Collision Repair specialist where high quality is "NO" Accident!

We believe the high quality repairs are the most cost effective and long lasting. Our mission is to give you the best and the most for your money. Top quality repairs, exceptional service and lifetime guarantee.

Close to BART and public transportation. Hertz and Enterprise across the street. Courtesy Shuttle Service Available.

Light Metallic Paints

Light metallic paints

Light metallic paints (silver, for example) have a lower percentage of pigment - which means they’re more likely to break down and fade with exposure to UV rays. That’s why Mirage Auto Craft recommends its more durable paint systems for cars with light metallic paints. It’s the ability to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays that really defines the difference in quality and price among auto paints.
  • collision repair - mirage auto craft
    Auto Collision
    Auto Body Collision Repair
    Mirage Auto Craft
  • bumper repair - mirage auto craft
    Car Bumper Repair
    Mirage Auto Craft
  • color matching - mirage auto craft
    Color Matching
    Mirage Auto Craft
  • dent repair - mirage auto craft
    Dent Repair
    Mirage Auto Craft
  • paint cracking repair - mirage auto craft
    Paint Cracking
    What is Cracking?
    Mirage Auto Craft
  • repairing rust - mirage auto craft
    Spoiler Installation
    and Painting
    Mirage Auto Craft